Polyester / Plied / Soft

Premo-Soft Is designed for multiple sewing, piecing, and serging projects. Premo-Soft has strength, along with a spun poly "wrap-cover" that allows the thread to "grab" the fabric so that puckering concerns are eliminated or greatly erased. Premo-Soft Is readily available in 88 colors in spool sizes of 2, 750 meters and 620 meters.

Features & Benefits

  • Premo-Soft passes smoothly through the needle with minimal or no lint
  • 100% Polyester filament polyester core wrapped with a spun polyester outer layer construction
  • Designed to sew at high speeds with minimal breaks as a top or bottom thread
  • Premo-Soft is the perfect choice for piecing applications
  • QUilt artists rave about the "fineness" of Premo-Soft and rave about how it just "melts into the fabric".
Product Desc. Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) Strength (grams) Needle Size (metric) Put-up
King Spool 35 80 3.8 1724 90 2750m King Spool
Mini Spool 35 80 3.8 1724 90 620m Mini Spool