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Fil-Tec is a technical fiber company manufacturing innovative products in both Washington County Md. and Franklin County Pa. We manufacture critical components for global industry leaders such as Boeing, La-Z-Boy, LL Bean and Corning. More impressive than the companies we supply are the people we employ. We recognize the unique, individual value of each person and strive to support their development and provide opportunities for personal and financial growth. We encourage you to learn more about Fil-Tec, kick the tires and give us a chance to show you what makes us a truly special place to spend some time, collaborate and grow.



Quarterly Attendance Bonuses

Tuition Reimbursement

Health Club Memberships

9 Paid Holidays


Paid Time Off (PTO)

Additional voluntary benefits

Why Fil-Tec?

Jess Winders

Lab Technician - Dye Lab
12 Years

“What I love most about working at Fil-Tec is the people. It feels like I am working with family.”

Jason Huntsberry

Department Manager - Coating
18 Years

“I like the autonomy that comes with working at Fil-Tec. I am given the opportunity to do my best without someone always looking over my shoulder.”

Will Gerould

Sales Representative - High Temp & Candlewick
5 Years

“I have never felt more part of a team than I do here at Fil-Tec. They really do take care of their workers unlike anywhere else and harbor such a welcoming environment. I take a lot of pride in telling people where I work and I’m definitely excited about my future with this company.”

Lesa Bowers

Lab Technician - Candlewick
31 Years

“I love the opportunity that I get at Fil-Tec. It’s an honor to work in a laboratory that is developing new candle wick technology that changes the way people think about candles.Something that I have greatly valued at Fil-Tec is the job security, 31 years says a lot.”

Brian Grimes

Production Operator - Coating
5 Years

“I really enjoy the team environment we have here. I think it makes everyone enjoy coming to work.”

Now Hiring!

Explore all career opportunities

Current Openings