Spun Polyester / Plied / Soft

Magna-Soft bobbins are made from high-quality polyester yarn, and are designed for intricate quilting and piecing applications. Magna-Soft bobbins provide substantially more stitches per bobbin along with uniform tension throughout the entire bobbin.

Features & Benefits

  • Relatively lint-free, and are a perfect match to our Premo-Soft top thread.
  • Magnetic core provides flawless tension throughout the entire bobbin while eliminating the possibilities of backlash or over spin problems.  Anti-backlash springs are not required.
  • Matte-finish look of cotton, but the strength and color fastness features of polyester.
Product Desc. Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) Strength (grams) Yards per Bobbin Put-up
Style L 35 50 3.9 1769 65 20 bobbins per jar
Style M/Jumbo 35 50 3.9 1769 118 10 bobbins per jar