Spun Polyester / Plied / Soft

Clear Spun polyester is wound on the popular class 15/ A bobbin that fits many of today's domestic sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines.

Features & Benefits

  • This particular spun polyester bobbin thread is recommended by Brother as the best bobbin thread choice for many of their embroidery machines.
  • Runs clean with minimal lint.
  • Significantly more usable yards and stitches per bobbin than machinewound bobbins.
  • Compatible with thread sensors.
Product Desc. Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) Strength (grams) Yards per Bobbin Put-up
Class 15/A 20 90 1.5 680 95 Bulk Box of 100 Bobbins or
12 Pack Retail Package