SeKure WSB

WSB Binder / Fiberglass / Flat

For use in extremely high temperature cable extrusion application. Fiberglass yarns are very strong but fragile, with Fil-Tec’s patented water swellable bonding technology the fiberglass fibers are adequately protected and rendered more abrasion resistant. The yarn profile is flat.

Features & Benefits

  • For use in Fiber Optic and copper cables
  • Designed to operate at highest possible binder head speeds
  • For use in high temperature applications
  • Zero shrinkage and virtually no elongation
  • Proprietary patented process allows for various absorption factor levels to optimize water blocking performance in the cable while reducing cost
  • Extremely low dust due to our binding technology
  • Very flat profile to best control or eliminate tube indentation
Product Base Denier Yield Yd/Lb Yield M/KG Break (lbs) Break (kg) Absorption (g/g) Profile
MGE165-45 1200 3237 6522 17 7.70 40+ Flat