SeKure W

W Binder / Polyester / Flat

Available in several size yarn of polyester high tenacity and low shrink. Package wind, hardness and squareness provides high integrity and stability for smooth delivery of yarn during high speed binding operations. Flatness drastically reduces the possibility of tube indentations.

Features & Benefits

  • For use in Fiber Optic and copper cables
  • For applications not requiring water swellable or non-wicking features
  • Low shrink high tenacity polyester yarn for binding applications
  • Our package offers optimal hardness 50-60 “Shor-o” and square shoulder for excellent delivery and tension control during binding process
  • Flat tape like profile
  • Available in Dual-End (two ends wound in parallel) presentation
Product Base Denier Yield Yd/Lb Yield M/KG Break (lbs) Break (kg) Profile
M84 WK 840 5315 10710 14 6.35 Flat
M100 WK 1060 4545 9158 15.4 6.98 Flat
M130 WK 1300 3434 6919 21.2 9.6 Flat
M200 WK 2000 2232 4495 34 15.4 Flat