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Fil–Tec is a leading producer of industrial sewing threads. We are known worldwide for our high technology bonded XT threads, unique sideless bobbins and our new patented magnetic core bobbins.

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Clear–Glide Polyester Bobbins
Clear–Glide is a high–tenacity polyester filament bobbin wound on a plastic flange spool. Designed for today’s home sewing (drop–in) bobbin cases. Available for shipping in March, contact us today for a sample

Magna–Glide Magnetic Core Embroidery Bobbins
Magna–Glide’s magnetic core, combined with advanced EB “cross–link” technology, optimizes dynamic thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin.

Fil–Tec has combined the best properties of monocord and bonded twisted nylon thread to make Premo XTR. XTR’s round cross–section results in a more consistent loop formation, therefore a superior sewing thread.

BNT Bonded Nylon Twisted
Fil–Tec’s New BNT Bonded Nylon Twisted satisfies today’s most demanding sewing applications. These include upholstered furniture, leather goods, canvas products, footwear and bedding.

Comfort Nylon
Quilting nylon “COMFORT” brand thread and innovative magnetic core bobbins are the preferred choice for single needle quilting applications.

Bonded Premofast Polyester
Stronger than twisted threads, Bonded Premofast Polyester allows you to use a smaller size without compromising durability. Premofast’s oval profile reduces exposure of the thread to surface abrasion, making it ideal for outdoor sewing applications. Also, it can be used on both needles of a double needle machine.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass
This product has been tested at temperatures of –400° to 1000° F and it will not burn. It is unaffected when exposed to most acids, alkalis and solvents, and has high tensile strength.

Bonded Nomex (Monocord)
This product will not melt or decompose up to 700° F. It is also resistant to bacteria and organic solvents.

Specialty Threads

Polypropylene (Twisted)
Lubricated to provide consistent sewing performance, our Polypropylene thread has a low melt point (330° F) which promotes ease in recycling.

Bonded Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)_Monocord
This non–flammable Monocord thread has a melt point of 545° F and a limited oxygen index of 35.
It is also resistant to chlorine bleach, chemicals, sunlight and acid.

Sales Offices: Tupelo, MS Hickory, NC
  Atlanta, GA Cerritos, CA

Contact: Chris Meyers or Gary Graves
Phone: 1–800–258–5052
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